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Shaping the Future of Water


The Chino Basin Program is a first-of-its-kind water program that moves beyond traditional water management practices to achieve new levels of water security, flexibility, and affordability.

How does it work?​

Regional partners are called to innovate and manage our water resources effectively to secure clean and reliable water for the future.

The Chino Basin Program (CBP) is consistent with long-range Chino Basin water supply plans while supporting broader state-wide water needs.


IEUA continues to plan for a secure water future, the CBP aligns with these efforts.

For more than 65 years, the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) has been a leader in planning for a secure water future. The CBP advances and aligns with regional planning efforts—continuing a legacy of making every drop count.

Widespread benefits are a reality through the CBP. 

The CBP achieves widespread benefits through a timely funding opportunity and provides environmental protection, enhanced water security, and improved water quality in the Chino Basin and beyond. 

The time is now to make the most of every drop.

For the Chino Basin area, the exchange represents an opportunity to save more than $207 million on already identified future needs and put into place a new advanced water treatment facility (AWTF) that produces a local water resource earlier than previously planned.

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