A Legacy of Water Leadership

IEUA serves 875,000 residents over 242 square miles and is situated on the largest groundwater storage basin in Southern California. Through smart planning, thoughtful investments, and effective management of the Chino Basin, IEUA continues to meet our current and future water supply needs. 

The Chino Basin Program (CBP) is a unique opportunity to optimize local water supplies, provide new levels of intra-basin water management flexibility, and reduce dependence on imported water. 

The Chino Basin Program
addresses local water challenges.


How does it work?

The Chino Basin Program is the first of its kind to deliver benefits to both the northern and southern parts of the State, through an innovative water exchange, new recycled water supply, and valuable new infrastructure and upgrades.

The CBP delivers local water system improvements earlier and secures access to water supplies for the future.

A network of new infrastructure and upgrades will advance critical capital improvement projects already identified in long-range plans. These investments are currently in the preliminary engineering stage and will be operational by 2026. Member Agencies will have access to an advanced treated recycled water resource for optimal water supply benefits.