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Chino Basin Water Master Presentation
November 2017

California Water Commission Presentation
December 2017

IEUA Board Meeting
January 2018
IEUA Board Meeting
September 2018
IEUA Board Workshop
October 2018

Tech Committee Presentation
October 2018

IEUA Board Workshop
November 2018
Workshop #1

December 2018 

Workshop #2

January 2019

Chino Basin Water Bank Presentation

January 2019

Strategy Session

February 2019

Workshop #3

February 2019

City of Montclair Council Presentation

March 2019

City of Chino Hills Council Presentation

March 2019

Upland Presentation
March 2019
City of Chino Council Presentation

March 2019

One Water One Watershed Presentation

March 2019

Jurupa Community Services District Presentation

April 2019

Workshop #4

May 2019

Developing the CBP requires close coordination with many stakeholders. Below is a list of events, workshops, and presentations made in collaboration with our local partnering cities, water, and wastewater agencies.

Upcoming Workshops
Workshop 5

June 2019

Workshop 6

August 2019

Workshop 7

October/November 2019

Workshop 8

December 2019

Member Agencies: For more information visit the CBP Workgroup Portal

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